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Eastern Cape, South Africa
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Welcome to Kei River Hunting Safaris:

Hunting in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Tracking in the African bush with only your rifle and your wits is the dream of many, and Kei River Hunting Safaris will not disappoint you. Kei River Hunting Safaris, situated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, offer a selection of the finest Trophy Hunting Safaris.

Whatever your hunting choice, our meticulous, “Attention to Detail” policy is applied, ensuring that the wishes of our client are paramount in the planning of his or her individual hunting Safari.


The reputation of Kei River Hunting Safaris for providing quality trophy hunts, specially tailored to the requirements of each and every client, is second to none and is respected throughout the industry. As a result, our client is almost guaranteed the opportunity at those sought after trophies.

Kei River Hunting Safaris offer forty-five species of game animals, so packages can be tailored to suit the most demanding of client requirements.

During your hunt through the Eastern Cape bush, you will be accompanied by one of our friendly, knowledgeable and fully qualified Professional Hunters (P.H.). Your P.H. will be dedicated to guiding you through a successful hunt, while ensuring your comfort and safety throughout your stay with Kei River Hunting safaris. Your P.H. will be pleased to assist you as he may.


Our P.H.s are qualified to hunt “The Big Five” (Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard) and other dangerous game. Should this type of safari be the one for you, we will be happy to discuss selecting suitable dates which are right for you.

Booking with Kei River Hunting Safaris, you can be assured that your time and effort will be expended in the chase and not in the planning of the hunt.

Assistance in all aspects of preparation, including advice on bringing your personal rifles and ammunition for use on your hunt, is available and the necessary documentation package to obtain a temporary import permit for your rifle(s) on your arrival in South Africa, will be provided to you by Kei River Hunting Safaris. Advice on suitable calibres and ammunition types are also available from Kei River Hunting Safaris.

Kei River Hunting Safaris is dedicated to the most strictly ethical hunting, the normal pattern of which is “Walk and Stalk”. Bow hunting is carried out in Still and Hide form as well as walk and stalk. Some species like bushpig are baited and / or hunted with well trained hounds. Some excellent wing shooting is available on request.

Notwithstanding the above, we are pleased to welcome clients with special requirements that are dictated by health or circumstance to our hunting lodge in the Eastern Cape, and we will make every effort to accommodate their hunt and ensure their stay with us is comfortable and enjoyable.

Renton’s Lodge in the Eastern Cape is decorated in rustic South African style, and provides warm, comfortable accommodation with lots of bushveld atmosphere. After the hunt and a relaxing hot shower, our well stocked bar provides a friendly venue for our guests, P.H.s and the Renton family to enjoy hearing the tales of the day’s hunt.

Soon after, it will be time for the evening meal, when excellent food (and plenty of it), accompanied by a wide selection of our fine South African wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks, is served.

Non Hunting guests and families are very welcome.

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