Professional Hunters Privilege:

“A professional hunter will, during the course of his career, be called upon to act in more parts than most other professions.

As cook, doctor, mechanic, planner, counselor, guide, arbitrator, skinner, manager, gunsmith, marksman, friend, barman, advisor and a host of other activities, apart from being part-zoologist, botanist, ornithologist, geologist and historian, he will be expected to have a general knowledge of the politics, geography and other aspects of many countries including his own.

Above all, he will have to accept the work and worries of a 17 hour working day during which he and he alone, will be held responsible for all that goes wrong, or well.

Nevertheless, it is a good life, rewarding and exciting and should he exel and become truly a pro, he will join the ranks of a very exclusive and honorable group of internationally recognized gentleman.

Last but not least, is the fact that professional hunting is full of surprises. Every day spent in the bush adds a little more knowledge. No two hunts are the same and only after very many days, months and years spent hunting with fellow professional hunters, staff and clients, will a man gain the experience required.” Stephen J. Smith (1988)

Kei River Hunting Safaris' Professional Hunters:

Andrew Renton – Outfitter, Professional Hunter and Owner of Kei River Hunting Safaris

Sharyn Renton

Professional Hunter

Martin Neuper

Professional Hunter

Russel Hill

Professional Hunter

Nick Neuper

Professional Hunter

Karl Krull

Professional Hunter

Jeremy Scheepers

Professional Hunter